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Monday, June 23, 2008

Sage: [enter IC girl here] Withdrawal

Hello readers! It has been far too long! I know, I have missed you as well.
However, it is Julia whom one should worry for. I fear she shall not make it through the week ahead. You see, Saturday is the last day either of us shall see Revs (she leaves for camp) until the school year begins once again. It shall be hard enough to make it through the summer without her *tear*, but for Julia, this coming week will be hell, itself, for I leave Sunday morning to Fordham University in the city for ten days. I should expect her to spend unrelenting hours at her desk. I expect several new blogs, and I am sure to return to innumerable facebook wall posts, bumperstickers, and phone messages.

Regrettably, both Revs and I have already experienced what is known as “Julia-withdrawal,” and it is about time that the tables were turned. It is a difficult and painful process. Hours seem as long as days, and weeks as months. Rebecca and I braved the process, but I fear Julia has underestimated the effects of “Sage/Revs-withdrawal.”

I know most of you are sitting here thinking ‘It’s only ten days…’ Well, you simply do not understand… As Julia explained below, any one of us three is completely useless on her own. I mean, a third of a person could not be very valuable, could it? There is very little we are capable of as individuals. You know what they say, “united we stand, divided we fall.” United we… survive? Yea, that sounds about right.

So, please, keep Julia in your prayers. The poor girl needs all the help she can lay her hands on to begin with. And, as for IC withdrawal, we pray it is an experience none of you have to suffer throughout your lives.

In Conclusion - :p

P.S. Another prayer request: Please keep our dear Robert in your thoughts, for he is one of the few who suffer from IC withdrawal on a semi-daily basis. We love you Rob<3

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