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Monday, June 23, 2008

Julia: The Burden You Carry (As My Friend)

Okay, so following this Sunday, I am going to be alone FOR TEN DAYS. Some people might say that Julia Venditti is one-third of a person; that Sage DosSantos is one-third of a person; that Rebecca Evans is one-third of an actual person. Alone, none of us is worth very much. Personally, I rather live my life at their sides; and with them at mine. I prefer not to go very long periods of time without seeing these girls. Some people might call this the art of “best friend-ship.” I think that this is more than appropriate given the significant portion of my time allocated towards them; and happily so. I love them. They really came to me as angels this year.

If I’m being honest, had they not come into my life some eight (8) months ago, I might not still be here… on this earth… with all of you. They aren’t just best friends; they aren’t just family; they are my life… and not in the trivial teenage sense. These girls could trash my stuff, hurt me physically and emotionally, and try to push me away the hardest they can, but it will never work. They are so stuck with me.

The burden of saving a girl’s life: she’ll never let you go.
I just hope they never want me to.


PS. To be fair, a certain 'Robert' (AKA the love of my life) has also helped so incredibly to salvage my life. This blog just focuses on the up-and-coming absense of these girls in my life for ten days on Sage's behalf and, as for Revsicles, the whole fucking summer.

PPS. Shoot me? Thanks.

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