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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Julia: Bigglewhitz.

Riveting post, my dear Sage (feel free to imagine this statement in a British accent--I said it in one). I feel compelled to add one thing; stress one point, if you will. Since Sage and Julia met... years and years ago ; )... we have spent nary a day apart. The same goes for Rebeccavich Evanovich. There was that one incident, "Puerto Rico," (still sensitive to mention) and we all know that the effects of this were... near fatal. This is precisely the Julia-withdrawal that Sage mentioned below. We almost didn't make it.

The problem, you see, is that the three of us, we are very strange. Strange and unusual. It takes special people to tolerate our shared company. Very special people, indeed. We almost can't stand ourselves, is the truth. So anyway, it is by the Grace of God that we found each other. And without Sage's person, without Rebecca's person, Julia isn't just one-third of a person... she's one-third of an incredibly obnoxious and psychotic person.

Please applaud my up-and-coming loneliness. I wouldn't even be friends with me.

Who knows, maybe I'll lose the few dwindling threads that tether me to any modicum of sanity. Probably I will.

I don't need them anyway. I hardly make use of them as it is.
Jane and Montgomery make sure of that.


Or maybe Julio.

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