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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Julia: Insanity is an art form.

To my readers:


My name is Julia Kathryn Domenica Borelli Russo DelRusso Agnelli Venditti.
You can call me Julia.

Or don’t. It’s your call, really.

Before we go any further, there are a few things you should know about me:
- I love Harry Potter
- Orchid is my favorite color, followed by Crimson/Scarlet and Cerulean
- I detest catty drama and cruel people
- My Patronus and Animagus forms would be a Phoenix
- I play guitar, fence, and appreciate quality music

Glad that’s covered. Now for the more important matters…

I’ve started this blog with two of my friends, Sage and Rebecca, because I feel not altogether understood as a person. I also rather fancy the idea of having a public outlet for my absurdities.

Now, when I say I’m misunderstood, it is not with disgust. I am a complex being. There is no guide I follow and I have problems with authority, in general. Julia wasn’t designed to be gotten, not even by herself.
But, similarly, I want to give people a taste… then perhaps the fact that I don’t make sense will be less foreign and intimidating. This blog is a look at my life. Everyone’s invited.


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