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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Julia: Nabob and Boogle

So, last time I posted, I told you all that I have decided to grow up and, ya’ know, let nature take its course.  Well, it’s been 22 days since my last post and it’s been 22 days of putting my theories into practice on this new school year.  I have learned quite a few things… three of which I hold to be most valuable. 

The first is that growing up isn’t necessary simple or pleasant.  The second thing I learned is that we all must do it anyway.  The third, and perhaps most valuable, lesson that I have learned in my three weeks of being a high school senior is that one must never waste a wish, an opportunity, or a good friend.  Good friends are really hard to find. 

There are about six and a half billion people on this earth and the fact that all humans seem to do is interact with other humans and yet few of them are loyal and sincere does, at times, make me feel down.  But there is a bright side.  The people that are good friends, because they are not in plentiful supply, are to be cherished and appreciated.  People seem to be really fond of wasting time; but every second I spend being less than my best person is such a shame and a waste. 

People fight over stupid, stupid, things, and that is a shame, too.  Because people lie to each other all of the time and stupid boys don’t have a problem with tearing apart an honest relationship; but even so, any boy who has done that is not at fault.  Only girls are at fault for letting trivialities drive apart their friendship.  I don’t want that to be my story.  I don’t want to lose a friend over that sort of thing.  I refuse to. 

And even if you can get past the indiscretion, that still isn’t the hardest part.  A wise man named Albus Dumbledore once said, “It is far easier to forgive someone for being wrong than for being right.”  (He said this of Percy Weasley, FYI).  And basically what this means is that stupid people have stupid pride and, as a device of human nature, it is really difficult for people to put their pride aside and put themselves on the line.  And when two very stubborn people butt heads… well, that just means that two best friends don’t exchange a single word for a couple of weeks.


So, to review: What truly is important in this fleeting lifetime?


-          To seize each opportunity and seize each day.

-          To value each friendship and observe the ability to put your convictions aside, whether they are right or wrong, for your friend.

-          To smile at random people.

-          And to use words like ‘nabob’ and ‘boogle.’  I’m serious.


Love (with all of my heart),

Julia Kathryn

PS. Nabob is “any very wealthy, influential, or powerful person,” and ‘boogle’ is a name given to a group or pack of weasels.

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