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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Julia: Firsts of My 16th Year!

Hey Party People,

Something special-like is happening this Friday... It's my BIRTHDAY! I am turning 17 and this marks the age I will be when I go to COLLEGE! That it's so nearly tangible is increasingly frightening.

A lot of firsts happened in my 16th year. December the 21st, I hung out with Sage Anne DosSantos for the first time. Sage, who cannot approach a person or even talk to them unless they initiate, was sitting in the Libs. I walked up to her because I knew that she was in my US History class, and asked her what the homework was (clearly I didn't know her because I now know that Sage doesn't even know what teachers she has because she uses class for sleeping, the slacker). She then told me that she had no idea. I assumed the chair next to her and just started gabbing away like a psycho to this random chick while she was trying to figure out the most polite way to get the hell away from me. We were not yet friends. But one day she invited me to her birthday gathering on a party bus. I was honored; little did I know she solely invited me because a couple of people bailed so she needed to invite more people. On the party bus, we formed a quick and effortless sort of friendship and went on to become the same person. Through Sage I met Rebecca, Christina, Rob, and almost everyone else whom I would include in my will. At the age of 16, I made true and life-long social connections; I met my friends whom are now something of a family.

One week exactly after I turned 16, I received my Learner's Permit. This was the beginning of Julia's newfound mobility. Ten months and three days after I turned 16, I passed my road test on my first shot. Twenty-two hours later, I got in my first accident. In my 16th year, I got 5 new peircings. It was also in my 16th year that I first used a fake ID.

When I was 16, I took my grandmother's credit card and went shopping online. I ran up a tab worth around $2,300. At 16, I finally paid my mother back for a Chanel bag I had bought in Paris in my 14th year that cost $1,280. This year was the brokest year of my life on record.

In September of my 16th year, I got my first car: a 2009 SE Jetta, silver with anthracite leather interior. In early October, I finished my college essay and for the first time realized just how directly the actions I take now can affect my long-term future in a big way. I laughed and celebrated leaving high school, I cried and mourned leaving high school. In preparation for my 17th year, I received a surprise birthday event from my friends. However, this was still during my 16th year and it is counted as a 16th year first. I have never had friends who really care about my approaching birthday, let alone throw me a surprise for it. It was among my greatest firsts.

And of course, my first blog!

A lot of other little things happened in my 16th year; to a select few, the words "Macy's," "No more than 6 garments...," and "funday," make a great deal of sense. While I cannot elaborate on them here, believe me, they were firsts.

And now I'm going to be 17. A whole new batch of firsts are cookin' up and they're scents are undeniable.

Let's explore some possible experiences associated with 17:
Senior License
Greater access to more advanced fake IDs
Older boys--by one year

... Who am I kidding? I've been pretending I'm 21 since I was 14.
17 means a whole year of fun-er and naughtier experiences! And I'll be sure to let you all know if I get arrested or end up in the hospital or anything else out of the ordinary happens--which means I'll be here a lot. My life is anything but ordinary.


Julia Kathryn!

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