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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Julia: I think these are almost too funny.

If you were thinking that this makes no sense... then you have its essencnailed.  It really doesn't make any sort of sense. It's just funny.  Tee hee.

There are all these people... girls, mostly... who think that since they were the first cool kids on the block to like a band that they now have a patent on that band. -->
These two are funny satires on those people.

I have tons more, too.  (I literally have thousands on my computer... one's that are way funnier than these, as well.) I'll post more at a later time/date.

An undetermined amount of love (though it's sure to be a lot),

PS. People should take their “I want you to like me” stickers off of their foreheads and put them where they’d really do some good—on their mirrors.

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